English G100 Course

Panasonic's Human Resources Development

"Before developing products, you must develop your people."

The success of a business depends on its people. In any business, having the right people for the job is the first step toward success.
These are the words of our company founder, Konosuke Matsushita.
The founder's thoughts on the importance of developing human resources, as implied in these words, have been passed down through the years & continue to this day.

The G100 Course

This G100 Course has been created for students who are seeking employment in Japan and who wish to undergo the interview & selection process in English or Chinese rather than in Japanese.
*The G100 Course may be taken by any applicant, regardless of nationality or time spent residing overseas.

  • Some seminars (such as Information Sessions or Round-table Conferences) will be held in English/Chinese.
    Panasonic Web Seminar for International Students
    Round-table Conference with Foreign Prospective Employees
  • Submit an Entry Sheet written in English.

  • Both the aptitude test (SPI) and the applicant's Self-Introduction document preparation may be done in English or Chinese (simplified). (If you choose to take the aptitude test in Japanese, Japanese language ability will be taken into consideration.)
  • The second round of applicant selection (interview) is conducted in English/Chinese.
    *The final round of selection (interview) will be conducted only in Japanese.

Selection Process

We have closed accepting applications.
Thank you very much for your applying.

  1. Submission of Entry Sheet

    • Submission deadline: 4:00 p.m., Thursday, April 15, 2021

    *Entry Sheet may be written in English or Japanese.
    *Due to site congestion near the deadline, we recommend submitting the document early for smooth processing.

  2. Submission of Self-Introduction Document / Aptitude test (SPI)

    • Submission deadline: 5:30 p.m., Sunday, April 18, 2021
    • Aptitude test (SPI) deadline: 5:30 p.m., Sunday, April 18, 2021

    *Self-Introduction may be written in English, Chinese (simplified), or Japanese.
    *Upload the document in a PDF format on your "My Page."
    *For more information please check [My page]
    *Due to site congestion near the deadline, we recommend submitting the document early for smooth document processing.

  3. Document Screening

    *Screening will be conducted in English, Chinese (simplified), or Japanese.

  4. Second Round of Applicant Selection

    *Conducted in English, Chinese (simplified), or Japanese.

  5. Final Round of Applicant Selection

    *Conducted in Japanese only.

  6. Informal Job Offer

FY2022 New Graduate Recruitment Guidelines

Application Requirements

Persons who are expected to graduate from a four-year university or a graduate school, whether in Japan or overseas, by March 2022.
*Persons who have already graduated from a four-year university or a graduate school may apply as well.

Faculties and Departments Applicants from all university faculties and departments may apply.
Job Categories Sales & Marketing, Accounting, HR, Legal Affairs, Intellectual Property Management, Procurement, Logistics, Production Management, Customer Service, and more.
*Specific job category, work content, role, etc., will be determined after joining the company.

View the Panasonic People page (only available in Japanese)
Salary Starting monthly salary
PhD holder JPY ¥283,500 (FY2021)
Master's Degree holder JPY ¥241,000 (FY2021)
Bachelor's Degree holder JPY ¥217,000 (FY2021)
Allowances Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, etc.

Salary Appraisal

Once a year (April)
Bonus Twice a year (July, December)

Work Locations

Head Offices, laboratories, business sites in Japan or overseas.
*There is the possibility of a future transfer which could require a change of address.

See the various work locations here (only available in Japanese)

Holidays and Leaves Five-day work schedule with public holidays, Year-end/New Year holidays, summer holidays, celebration and condolence leave, long-service leave, Family Support Leave, etc.
Annual holidays (around 126 days per year), annual paid leave (25 days per year. For the first fiscal year, the number of days granted to an employee is calculated according to which month they join the company.)
*Conditions may vary by business site and department.
Social Insurances Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, employees' health insurance, employees' pension plan.
Employee Benefits

Plans: Stock ownership plan, installment savings for property accumulation, corporate pension plan, Cafeteria Plan (flexible employee benefit program), employee purchase plan, etc.

Facilities: Dormitories, company housing, housing subsidies, recreational facilities, medical facilities, etc.

Employee Training

Japan: New employee training, training according to job function (job category)/division/rank, training outside the company, free e-learning on business literacy and liberal arts, etc.

Overseas: Overseas study program, overseas trainee system, overseas training, etc.

Career Support

e-Challenge system (in-house recruitment and transfer system), e-Appeal system (in-house "free agency" system), In-company Multitasking (requesting to work in two departments at the same time), Outside Company Experience, Mentor System for New Employees, Third-year Interviews, Career & Life Design Seminars, Work & Life Support Program, etc.

Learn more about the work environment

Selection Process Document screening, aptitude test, multiple interviews, etc.
Probationary Period of Employment There is a probationary period of employment (3 months).
*Conditions are the same as the permanent employment conditions.

Smoking in Workplaces

Indoor smoking is prohibited (some business sites offer indoor smoking spaces).


The FAQ page provides answers to questions frequently asked by prospective applicants.

View the FAQ page