English Year-round Recruitment

Panasonic's Vision of Career Choice

"We do not want you to spend your student life just looking for a job, and above all, we want you to value the learning opportunities you have as a student." In order to protect such valuable opportunities, and to help you make the best career choice at the most appropriate time, Panasonic offers year-round recruitment.

The time you can spend as a student is precious, and there are learning opportunities and experiences that can only be gained now.
We do not want you to miss out on those precious opportunities and experiences by rushing through the job hunting activities in comparison to someone else.

We live in a complex, rapidly changing society where it is difficult to predict the future.
Student life is full of opportunities to build a foundation for solving such social issues and becoming a globally competitive human resource.
That is why we want you to value the "strengths that make you unique," which can only be developed by facing those learnings seriously.

Panasonic's Vision for Human Resource Development

"Develop people before making products." - What generates business is people. Every business can only develop by having the right people. -
These are the words of our founder, Konosuke Matsushita.
The founder's passion for human resource development, expressed in these words, has been firmly passed down to the present.

In our view, human resource development is not limited to training people after they join Panasonic.

We believe that it is Panasonic's social responsibility to develop human resources who can contribute to society not only by acquiring new knowledge and skills, but also by having the ability to practice and apply them, and to discover and solve problems on their own. To this end, we undertake a number of industry-academia joint initiatives so that students can use the experience and learning they have gained during their student life to play an active role in the business world.

Selection Flow

We have closed accepting applications.
Thank you very much for your applying.

We are recruiting for both administrative and technical positions.

  1. Submission of entry sheet

    • Deadline for submission of entry sheet: 12:00 on the 10th of each month

    * After submitting your entry sheet, you will be asked to take an aptitude test.
    * Please allow plenty of time for your application to avoid the last-minute rush before the deadline.

  2. Document screening

  3. Aptitude testing

    * Only those who pass the document screening will be informed.

  4. Interviews (scheduled for multiple times)

  5. Notice of informal job offer

Application Requirements

Applicants Those who are expected to graduate from (or complete) a four-year university or graduate school, either in Japan or overseas, by March 2022.
* Those who have already graduated can also apply for the new graduate recruitment.
Departments accepted All faculties, all departmentsa
Open positions (administrative)

Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Intellectual Property, Procurement, Logistics, Production Management, Customer Service, etc.
* Specific positions, job duties, and roles will be determined after you join the company.

See Employee Profiles

Open positions (technical)

Research & Development, Design & Development, Production Engineering, SE/Technical Sales, Intellectual Property, Information System, Procurement, Quality, etc.
* Your specific position, job description, duties, etc. will be determined after joining the company.

See Employee Profiles

Salary Starting salary
Doctoral degree graduate: 283,500 yen/month (*2021 results)
Master's degree graduate: 241,000 yen/month (*2021 results)
Undergraduate: 217,000 yen/month (*2021 results)
Various allowances Commuting allowance, excess work allowance, etc.
Salary revision Once a year (April)
Bonus Twice a year (July and December)
Place of Work Any of the following locations: head office, research center, offices nationwide, or overseas offices
* There is a possibility of transfer involving relocation in the future.
Holidays and leave Two days off per week, national holidays, year-end and New Year vacations, summer vacations, congratulation or condolence leave, milestone vacations, family support leave, etc.
Annual holidays (about 126 days each year), annual paid vacations (25 days per year, granted according to the month of employment for the first year only)
* The above data may vary by office and department.
Social insurance Employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, health insurance, and employee pension insurance
Welfare and benefits

[Systems] Shareholding system, asset-building savings system, corporate pension system, cafeteria plan (selective benefit system), employee purchase system for in-house products, etc.

[Facilities] Company apartment for singles, company housing and housing cost subsidies, recreational facilities, medical facilities, etc.

Education system

[Domestic] New employee training, training by job function (occupation), workplace, and level, various external training, free e-learning such as business literacy and liberal arts, etc.

[Overseas] Overseas study program, overseas trainee program, overseas training, etc.

Career support

e-Challenge system (internal recruitment and transfer system), e-Appeal system (internal free agent system), in-company multitasking system, external working experience system, mentoring system for new employees, interviews for the third year of employment, career and life design seminars, work and life support program, etc.

See more about the working environment

Selection Process Document screening, aptitude test, interviews (multiple times), etc.
Trial period There is a trial period (3 months).
* There will be no change in the conditions from the time of full-time employment.
Smoking situations in workplaces No smoking inside (indoor smoking area available)

Recruiting activities associated with transition to a holding company system

Frequently Asked Questions about Year-round Recruitment

You can find the Q&A about year-round recruitment on the page linked below.

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