English Working Environment

Working Environment at Panasonic

Panasonic has various education/training and career development systems as well as welfare programs to help each individual make the most of his/her unique personality and abilities and realize "what they want to be".

Systems Supporting Career Development

It is our dream to develop human resources who can realize their own dreams.

Encouraging each individual to change spontaneously

A Better Dialogue This system aims to help employees and Panasonic grow together focusing on "each individual employee".
In this system, dialogues between supervisors and subordinates are held at the beginning and end of each fiscal term and whenever necessary, in order to enhance the "quality" and "quantity" of their communication to support the growth and challenges of "each individual employee".

Creating opportunities for each individual to challenge themselves

e-Challenge In this internal recruitment system, business departments in need of new human resources clarify the requirements of the people they look for and send out information on open positions. Employees can take on those positions to realize what they want to be. There are a total of about 1,000 open positions available on a year, and employees can raise their hands armed with their own "strengths".
e-Appeal This is a free agent system that allows employees to appeal their "strengths" to the business department they want to work for, and to challenge new jobs at any time throughout the year.
In-company Multitasking This system promotes personal growth by allowing employees to experience new tasks within the company while remaining assigned to their departments and to test their own abilities and potential.
External Working Experience This system allows employees to promote personal growth which cannot be achieved at Panasonic by expanding their activities outside the company through working at other companies with different corporate cultures, values, and business management methods, etc.
Overseas Trainee This system creates training opportunities at overseas companies and educational institutions for young employees to develop their international sense and ability to respond to local issues, and nurtures human resources who will be active on the global stage.
Challenge Leave Employees who have reached the age of 30, 40, or 50 can take a 10-day vacation to refresh their mind and body, develop themselves, and spend their corporate life with fresh motivation.
Comprehensive Technology Symposium Once a year, engineers from all over the company gather together to raise motivation, consolidate their technical capabilities, and achieve technological and product development that takes the lead over competitors.

Supporting the growth of each individual

Mentoring System for New Employees New employees are supported by senior employees who are close to their age and career history and act as mentors and counselors, apart from their supervisors in the departments they are assigned to. This system is designed to help resolve any concerns or worries about work, and to provide guidance and development in the workplace.
Interview for Third-year Employees As part of the system for assigning and training young employees, follow-up interviews are held for third-year employees who were hired in our regular recruitment process for university (and graduate school) graduates.
Career & Life Design Seminar Based on the concept of "continually questioning and taking action on how to live and work in a better way that is unique to you," this seminar supports autonomous career development through career design (in group seminars) and economic planning and health promotion (in e-learning).

In addition to these systems, various other training programs are available, including business skills training (IT, communication, language, etc.), job-specific training, and training for engineers.

Programs Supporting Diverse Ways of Working

At Panasonic, there are as many work styles as there are employees.

Supporting work styles tailored to each individual

Teleworking We are ahead of the times in promoting a teleworking system. By introducing a collaboration platform for remote work, etc., we provide an environment for employees to work effectively even at home.
Work Satisfaction Reform We have liberalized the way we dress so that each employee can autonomously choose appropriate clothing. Employees are even allowed to wear jeans and sneakers to work. We also actively promote office reforms to realize work styles that meet the needs of the future.
Each and every one of our employees in each and every workplace is working on changing their mindset by thinking about "the way of work that truly creates value" and practicing it on a daily basis.

Supporting a balance between work and child/nursing care

Child Care Leave A non-consecutive total of two years of leave can be taken until the end of the April following the child's start at elementary school. We also provide the necessary support and networking opportunities for those who return to work after child care leave. When a seminar is held, a babysitting service is provided in a room next door to make participation easier for those who bring their children.
Comprehensive Program for Supporting a Balance between Nursing Care and Work We have a system to support employees at a life stage where they need to care for family members. This system includes holding nursing care seminars, launching a portal site with information on nursing care, consultation and procedural support when faced with nursing care, subsidies for nursing care expenses, and nursing care leave.
Work and Life Support Programs We have flexible work programs that allow shorter working hours, fewer-day workweek, etc., to balance work with child/nursing care.
Family Support Leave We have a leave system that can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as care or nursing of family members and a child's school event.
Child Planning Leave There is a leave system for fertility treatments.
Child-Rearing Support Café Point There is a system by which we cover some of the costs of using childcare services, such as extended daycare and daycare for an ill child.
Career Support for Employees in Pregnancy/Child-rearing There is a system that enables employees to return to work smoothly by discussing their future work styles and careers with their supervisors and connecting with their workplaces while on leave or on a break.
Re-employment Program

We provide a program available for those who have left the company due to unavoidable circumstances such as childcare, nursing care, or spousal transfer, if they meet our specified requirements.

Requirements for using the Re-employment Program

Supporting Women's Careers

Career Stretch Seminar We provide training for female employees to improve their practical management skills so that they can be active in management positions.

Supporting People with Disabilities

Networking for Employees with Disabilities Employees with disabilities gather together beyond the nature of their disability, department, and generation, and develop networking activities to think about working comfortably and contributing to society from the perspective of the people involved.
Various Systems Realizing Flexible Work Styles We have systems that allow employees to work flexibly regardless of time and place, such as flex-time system and teleworking system. These systems can also be used when hospital visits are necessary.
Multi-purpose Restroom We have wheelchair-accessible restrooms that are easy to use for all users.
Voice Recognition Software Used for workplace meetings and as a communication tool among employees.
Hands-free Telephone Call Introduced at the request of employees with upper limb disabilities who find it difficult to take notes while holding the phone.
Consultation Desk for Work-related Issues Human resources and the union work together to provide a system for employees to consult about work-related problems, etc.
  • Flat floors with no steps, bright lighting, and a free-address system with no individual desks are introduced.
  • Multi-purpose restrooms accessible to wheelchair users are installed.
  • Training in sign language or summary writing for employees with hearing disabilities is provided.

* The content of support differs depending on the workplace.

Welfare and Benefits

A company that has been thinking about people's well-being will also pursue the well-being of its employees.

Annual Holidays Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday). Employees can take 25 days of paid leave per year (For the first year, it depends on the month of employment. The leave can be carried over to the next year and accumulated up to 50 days). In addition, programs such as family support leave and challenge leave (milestone leave) are also available.
Company Apartment for Singles Employees who are unable to commute from home can move into a company apartment upon joining the company. The period of stay in the apartment is up to 9 years for high school graduates, 7 years for technical college graduates, 5 years for university graduates, and 4 years for graduate school graduates.
Company Housing We provide company housing that can be used at a transferred location. Employees can decide where to live* according to their lifestyles after transfer, such as moving out alone or living with family, and the company will handle contracting procedures for the company housing on their behalf. The company will cover expenses related to company housing contracts, preparation fees, and part of the rent for company housing. If the employee is transferred alone, travel expenses for returning home are also provided as part of our generous support.
* The choice of housing will be based on the standards set by the company.
Housing Cost Subsidy We provide housing cost subsidies for those who are eligible for company housing for transferees but wish to sign a lease contract for their own housing instead of for company housing.
Employee Stock Purchase Plan This system is designed to encourage employees to acquire the company's stock and to participate in management as company shareholders and accumulate their assets. Employees can set aside a certain amount of money from their monthly salary and bonus to purchase the company's stock on a regular basis.
Various Types of Insurance Discounts are available for some types of insurance. We also have an insurance consultation desk staffed by qualified financial planners who are familiar with company systems.
Corporate Pension System (Defined Contribution Pension) In accordance with the provision of our Retirement Allowance Regulation, the points to be awarded is determined based on the job grade/evaluation, and the amount of contribution to the "Defined Contribution Pension (corporate pension)" to be received after age 60 is determined. It is also possible to contribute all or part of the allowance (future planning reserve) to the Defined Contribution Pension in addition to this contribution amount, within the contribution limit set by law. There is also the option of receiving all or part of the awarded points in cash without contributing to the Defined Contribution Pension.
Panasonic Cafeteria Plan (P's Cafe) This system allows eligible employees to use welfare expense points available per year which are granted to them, and to select and use a menu of employee benefits according to their career and life plans within the points granted. In addition, eligible employees who meet certain conditions are also granted "Child-Rearing Support Café Point" available for childcare services and "Nursing Care Support Café Point" available for nursing care services.
Employee Purchase Program for In-house Products (e-SHAIN) Employees can purchase in-house products at a discounted price.