English FAQ


We only accept applications through our recruitment website. Applications via mail, fax, or email are not accepted.

We do not accept more than one application at a time.
If you are currently being screened for a position, refrain from applying for another position until you receive the result of the screening.
Also, we do not accept more than one application for the same position.

We also accept applications from overseas. Interviews will be conducted online or in person in Japan. For an in-person interview in Japan, it will be held when you come back to Japan.

We have no restrictions on nationality. Although people of various nationalities are active in our company, business-level Japanese language skills are required in principle.

Participation in seminars and career change consultations is not mandatory. They are simply a place to provide information before application.

Applications from people who are currently with the Panasonic Group are not accepted, but applications from people who are not at the time of application can be accepted.

Our recruitment website lists all open positions and is updated as needed, so check this website. Note that when an open position is filled, it will be removed from the job list.

There is no age limit. Our screening process is based on your business background, etc. at the time of application, as well as your experience and expertise.

Recruitment / Selection

It usually takes about two weeks after your application to notify you of the result of the screening.

Basically, the interview will be held at the department where you applied. The time of the interview will be discussed individually, such as after work on weekdays or on holidays. We also conduct online interviews. * Transportation expenses are provided.

We will contact you via email, in principle, about two weeks after your application to inform you of the result. After that, you will go through primary and secondary interviews, and then receive a job offer and join the company.


After joining the company, you will be required to participate in company-wide introductory training and management philosophy training. You will also receive training specific to each department to which you are assigned.

This will be discussed and decided at the interview. However, all of the positions that we are currently recruiting for are urgently needed, so we ask that you consider joining us as soon as possible.