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A Better Career Initiative

We are currently promoting an initiative to create an open culture where diverse human resources can play an active role, and an environment where they can continue to work. If you have left the company for unavoidable reasons such as marriage, childbirth, childcare, or nursing care, or for career advancement such as changing jobs or studying abroad, we would like to invite you to rejoin Panasonic and utilize your knowledge, experience, and skills you have gained inside and outside the company. We are looking forward to your application.

Acceptance of employees with comeback careers

In addition to our Re-employment Program, in order to support diverse career options, we expand the acceptance of employees with comeback careers, who once joined Panasonic, gained other career experience, and then returned to Panasonic.
* The content is the same as for usual mid-career recruiting information.

Promoting the mid-career recruitment of people with diverse backgrounds

We will be actively involved in the mid-career recruitment of people with diverse backgrounds, such as those who have gained experience in different industries or venture businesses.
* The content is the same as for usual mid-career recruiting information.

Re-employment program

We provide a program available for those who have left the company due to unavoidable circumstances such as childcare, nursing care, or spousal transfer, if they meet our specified requirements.

Requirements for using the Re-employment Program

Eligible People

Those who resigned due to childbirth, childcare (until the youngest child reaches school age), nursing care, or spousal transfer, had been with us for at least three years at the time of resignation, and are able to commute from home.
However, application of the program shall have the following year limitations:

  1. In the case of childbirth, childcare, or nursing care: Within 3 years after resignation
  2. In the case of spousal transfer: Within 5 years after resignation (*)

* When your spouse is our employee, the period shall be until the time when you are able to work at the workplace where you resigned, for reasons such as re-transfer of your spouse.

Application Procedure

As a general rule, you will apply for re-employment at the workplace where you were at the time of resignation.
However, if it is difficult to submit your application to the workplace where you were at the time of resignation due to special circumstances (the place for submission of your application is unknown due to organizational changes, etc.), contact us from below.

Inquiries about Mid-career Recruitment

Screening Method

In addition to taking into consideration your skills and work performance when you were with us, we will conduct interviews, aptitude test, etc.

Working Conditions

If hired, after a 3-month trial period as an apprentice, you will be promoted to a full-time employee.
Your working conditions after re-employment will be determined by the job you will be responsible for.
After you are re-employed, the length of employment before resignation will not be carried over.


This program can be used only once per eligible person.

Ratio of mid-career recruitment

2018 2019 2020
33.6% 43.7% 15.1%

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